Shape Your Life By Changing Perspective

Get ready for a transformative journey that will teach you to see the world from a different point of view. In this book, I will show you how to understand yourself better, become more empathetic, and grow by learning how to change your perspective.

Who is this book for?

This book is for individuals open to new ways of thinking, eager to challenge existing perspectives, and seeking personal growth with self-discovery.


This book offers a transformative experience that propels individuals toward personal growth, self-discovery, and a willingness to embrace new ways of thinking while challenging their established perspectives.


This book serves as a catalyst for readers to embrace change, seek personal development, and begin on a journey of self-discovery with broader and more open-minded thinking.


This book will help you to achieve goals that encompass enhanced personal growth, deeper self-discovery, broadened perspectives, increased resilience, and a more fulfilling and meaningful life.


Your Journey to New Perspectives

Chapter 01

The Nature of Perspectives

In this chapter, we dive deep into the understanding of how our perspectives influence our reality and learn how changing them can lead to personal transformation and growth.

Chapter 02

The Art of Changing Perspective

In this chapter, we explore into the profound impact of changing how we see the world, ultimately offering a guide to harnessing this skill for personal growth and fulfillment.

Chapter 03

Empathy (Stepping Into Others' Shoes)

In this chapter, you will learn that empathy is the key to understanding and connecting with others, allowing us to shape our lives through a new lens of compassion and perspective.

Chapter 04

Challenging Assumptions and Beliefs

In this chapter, you will learn how to reshape your life by questioning and reevaluating long-held assumptions and beliefs, unlocking new possibilities and personal growth.

Chapter 05

Cultural and Historical Context

In this chapter, we explore the profound impact of cultural and historical influences on shaping individual lives and worldviews.

Chapter 06

Overcoming Challenges In Changing Perspective

In this chapter, we explore the hurdles and strategies for reshaping your life through a new outlook, helping you conquer obstacles with a fresh mindset.

Chapter 07

Relationships and Communication

In this chapter, Unlock the power of empathy and active listening to transform your relationships into fulfilling connections.

Chapter 08

The Wisdom of Adversity

In this chapter, we reminds us that life's challenges can be powerful teachers, shaping our character and resilience.

Chapter 09-12

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Explore more chapters on the changing perspective and expanding your horizons.

Shift Life Perspective Blog

Change the Way You See Things

Blog 01

Your Story as a Book with Different Chapters

Picture life as a really interesting book with many chapters. Each chapter represents a different part of your life journey. If you only pay attention to one chapter, it's a bit like reading only a small part of a book. You'd miss out on the development of the characters, unexpected turns in the plot, and the overall story that unfolds.

Now, changing perspectives is like turning the pages of this book. It's like seeing the story from different angles. When you change your perspective, you get to appreciate the full richness and depth of the narrative. It's like exploring the various layers of the story, understanding the characters better, and experiencing the twists and turns that make the whole journey more captivating.

Blog 02

Applying Chess Strategies to Change Your Life's Perspectives

Imagine life as a chess game. Each person is like a player making moves on the board. But here's the thing: if you only look at the board from your side, you might miss important details. Changing perspectives is like switching to see the board from your opponent's viewpoint. It's like standing in their shoes for a moment.

When you do this, you can understand what they might do next, figure out their strategies, and make smarter decisions for yourself. It's like getting a sneak peek into their plans, helping you navigate the game of life with more insight. So, changing perspectives is a bit like gaining a special power in the chess game of life.

Blog 03

Changing Your Perspectives to Find the Missing Piece of Life's Puzzle

Imagine life as a giant puzzle with many pieces. Each way of thinking or seeing things is like a unique puzzle piece. If you only pay attention to one way of thinking, it's like focusing on just one piece of the puzzle. You won't get the full picture.

Now, changing perspective is like trying out different puzzle pieces. It's as if you're testing how different pieces fit together. This process helps you see the whole puzzle clearly. By trying different pieces, you gain a better and more complete understanding of what's happening in your life. It's like putting together the puzzle to reveal a clearer and more complete picture.

Book Reviews

What reader said about my books

" The book indeed is really good. There are truly amazing facts that can impact one's mindset and transform the lives. Book can be recommended as one of the best gift for this new year to those who needs open mindedness in life which can guide them toward essential life lessons, nurturing resilience, adaptability, and the empowerment needed to actualize goals and metamorphose one’s life."

"This book shines as a ray of light in a universe where most people suffer many kinds of difficulties. Readers from various backgrounds may relate to the writer's universal message since it cuts beyond social and cultural divides. This book gives a new viewpoint and a road map for personal transformation, regardless of your level of experience with self-help books."

"The book is more than a guide; it's an empowering exploration that encourages readers to actively shape their lives with renewed perspectives. At its core, the book champions the idea that life is malleable and that the power to shape one's future lies in altering one's perspective. Dongare highlights the importance of taking action, embracing change, and discovering opportunities that may be overlooked by a limited viewpoint."

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Siddhesh Dongare, Author - Shape Your Life By Changing Perspective Book has been recognized as Nationwide Awards Under 40 Entrepreneurs & Industry Experts - 2024 in Author Category

Siddhesh Dongare, the well-known author of "Shape Your Life By Changing Perspective," has been chosen for the Nationwide Under 40 Awards by Business Mint in the Author Category. This big recognition shows Dongare's special skill to shape views, share stories of growth, and support the strong idea that changing how we see things can transform our lives.

Siddhesh Suryakant Dongare, the well-known author of "Shape Your Life By Changing Perspective," has been chosen for the Nationwide Under 40 Awards by Business Mint in the Author Category. This big recognition shows Dongare's special skill to shape views, share stories of growth, and support the strong idea that changing how we see things can transform our lives.

Dongare's nomination shows his diverse expertise as an inventor, agility coach, and project management, as well as his important contributions to global open banking, data science, and personal development. His dedication to helping people unlock their full potential really fits with what the Nationwide Under 40 Awards stand for.

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Jess Turner's insightful review of 'Shape Your Life by Changing Perspective' book

Thank you for giving me a copy of your book. I very much enjoyed reading it on my return journey home. One of the favorites and for me differentiated aspects of the book was the section for reflection before and after reading the book. I like tactical tools to help realize what you are learning through your reading. This book really resonated with me, it can be very hard to execute on, but realizing the only thing we have full control over is how we take perspective and act within our lives. I also liked how you took a broad view on things you can do daily to achieve changing your perspective.

This was a good reminder for me, among my hectic travels. I also plan to have my 2 sons read it. Thank you.

Jess Turner - EVP - Global Head of Open Banking and API

Book Review – Shape Your Life By Changing Perspective by Siddhesh Dongare

I read a book called “Shape Your Life By Changing Perspective” authored by Siddhesh Dongare. At first, I thought it might be like many other self-help books I have read before. But I was wrong. This book was different and really good.

Here are some key takeaways that deeply resonated with me:

How We See Things: This book reminds us that it's not just what happens to us but how we see it that matters. Changing how we view things can make a big difference in our lives.

Dealing with Change: Life always changes, and this book encourages us to embrace those changes. By looking at challenges as chances to learn, we can handle tough times better.

Positive Thinking: The book talks a lot about thinking positively. When we believe we can grow and improve, we do better in everything we try.

Getting Along with Others: By trying to understand where others are coming from, we can build better relationships. Seeing things from different angles helps us connect with people.

In simple words, "Shape Your Life by Changing Perspective" is more than just a book; it's a guide to a more enriched, positive, and fulfilling life. I highly recommend it to anyone keen on personal growth, enhancing their professional journey, or simply looking to foster a more optimistic outlook.

Remember, understanding the concept of perception is crucial for improving AI and facilitating its collaboration with people. As AI advances, it will reshape how we interact with machines. It's essential to grasp perception deeply to use AI effectively, ensuring its safe and fair application.

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Book Review – Shape Your Life By Changing Perspective by Siddhesh Dongare

Shape Your Life By Changing Perspective by Siddhesh Dongare is a roadmap to shine through by merely changing your vantage point. It helps you reclaim your worth, your self.

To bring in more positivity and success in our lives what we need is change of attitude, change of perspective. Most often our outlook is conditioned by our experiences, our upbringing, our surroundings and to do away with that isn't an easy task. This is where the book Shape your life by changing perspective by Siddhesh Dongare comes in. It is a guidebook, a Bible for all those wishing into bring in more vibrance in their lives. Personality development depends on this very foundation - our perceptions. Shape Your Life by changing perspective thus becomes a very crucial book.

In this book the author breaks down the concepts in the most simplistic fashion, in a conversational style, giving us perspective about perspective and enhancing our outlook towards life and those around us. Alongside he also brings in doable, implementable exercises, techniques and journal prompts that make application of these concepts in real life easier. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was extremely positive, helpful and impactful. A must read if you wish to invite positivity and success in your life.

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The Author

Siddhesh Dongare

"Change the way you see, and it will shape the way you live."

Siddhesh Suryakant Dongare is a pathfinder of perspectives, a storyteller of growth, and an advocate for the transformative power of changing perspectives. His vision is to empower individuals to embrace change, cultivate empathy, and navigate the complexities of life through the lens of a changing perspective. He thinks that everyone weaves their own journey from their life experiences. He wants to inspire readers to actively take part in their own growth story. Each chapter in this story is like a stepping stone to a richer and more fulfilling life. Remember, the journey of reading “Shape Your Life By Changing Perspective” is one that we begin together, and Siddhesh is honored to be your fellow traveler on this path of discovery.

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